Paper Topics


Intelligent mechatronics, robotics and biomimetics

Novel and unconventional mechatronic systems

Modelling and control of mechatronics systems

Elements, structures, mechanisms of micro and Nano systems

Sensors, wireless sensor networks and multi-sensor data fusion

Biomedical and rehabilitation engineering, prosthetics and artificial organs

AI, neural networks and fuzzy logic in Mechatronics and robotics

Industrial automation, process control and networked control systems

Telerobotics, human computer interaction, human-robot interaction

*Intelligent Systems

Ambient Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Automated Reasoning

Bayesian Models

Bioinspired Intelligence

Brain Modeling and Simulation

Commonsense Reasoning

Computational Intelligence

Conceptual Inference and Reasoning

Deep Learning

Evolutionary Computing

Expert Systems

Fuzzy Sets and Systems….


Artificial Intelligence

Bio-inspired robotics

Control algorithms and control systems

Design theories and principles

Evolutional robotics

Field robotics

Force sensors, accelerometers

Healthcare robotics

Human-Robot Interaction

Kinematics and dynamics analysis

Manufacturing robotics

Medical robotics

Parallel robots and manipulators

Robotic cognition and emotion

Robotic perception and decision

Sensor integration, fusion, and perception

Social robotics….

*Intelligent Sensors and Automation

MEMS and intelligent sensor technology

Optical and electronic sensor technology

Environmental, gas detection sensor technology

Process Industry Sensor Technology

Artificial intelligence and sensor technology

Biomedical Sensor Technology

Sensor Technology Applications

Internet in vehicles and cloud sensor technology

Sensor Material

*Machine Learning

Action and Event Recognition

Artificial Intelligence


Biometrics Recognition



Data Mining

Deep Learning

Face and Gesture Recognition

Feature Extraction

Dimensionality Reduction

Manifold Learning

Information Retrieval

Kernel Methods

Support Vector Machines ……

*Automation Control

Modeling of Complex Systems

Optimal Control

Linear Systems

Discrete Event Systems

Adaptive Control

Nonlinear Systems and Control

Learning Systems

Fuzzy and Neural Systems

Intelligent and AI Based Control

Estimation and Identification

Real-time Systems

Fault Detection

Sensor/data fusion…..